How Wealth Corrupts Democracy

How Wealth Corrupts DemocracyNo, it’s not election campaign donations only. There are a lot of other ways in which wealth corrupts democracy.

Some are blunt and simple, some are sly and treacherous. Below is a list of them, from most serious to least serious, while taking the situation in United States as an example – because this country is the country in which you can see the most extreme cases of wealth subverting democracy.

campaign donationsCampaign donations

This is the most direct method for wealth to corrupt democracy. With blunt, hard-hitting effects. Read details here.

mass media electionsMedia & News

You can’t vote for a candidate you don’t know to exist. Unbelievably, media can make candidates disappear or materialize out of thin air. Read how they do it here.

mass media conditioningConditioning & Indoctrination through Private Media and Education Institutions

If you can’t vote for a candidate you don’t know to exist, similarly you cannot have an opinion about an idea that you don’t know it existed. Read how private media and education institutions condition you from your childhood.

private research and universitiesPrivate Research & Science

Private Science can make imaginary realities come to life. And actual realities disappear. Read how and why here.

party donationsParty Donations

No elections coming up? Party donations still keep the lies & deceit going. And its very simple.

Corporate PostsCorporate posts as incentives

Do what they say, and you get a lucrative corporate post. One of the most sinister ways of subverting democracy is offering Corporate Posts. Read how they use it in detail here.

corporate contractsDeals with proxy Corporations & NGOs

Strong laws against taking up corporate posts after political office? No problem – private interests bypass those laws through lucrative deals with businesses and NGOs you or your relatives own.

how wealth corrupts democracySolution

Solution, is actually quite simple. You will be surprised how obvious it was, after reading what needs to be done. Read about it here.

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