What is Democracy ? Communism ? Capitalism ? Do you really know ?

Face it : Chances are high that you DO think that you know what Democracy, Communism, Capitalism, Fascism are. In fact, you are pretty sure of it. In the end, you are very probably living in a democratic country. Or at least you were taught all of these during your education, right?

Well… Don’t be so fast.

The reality is, even in developed countries, majority of the population can’t properly define any of these concepts. And even the ones who are well-read, college-educated, informed (that’s probably you!) have major misconceptions about them and they make major mistakes when defining these concepts. Let’s see how much you really know:

What is DemocracyWhat is Democracy

A lot of people think they know what democracy is, then it turns out they don’t. Find out if you are one of them.



What is CommunismWhat is Communism

If you think Communism is ‘central government’, you are wrong. Not only it isn’t, but its also something you really would not have expected. Read to find out.



What is CapitalismWhat is Capitalism

Capitalism is not ‘democracy’. It’s not ‘free market’ either. A lot of people falter with these. Read what Capitalism really is here



What is SocialismWhat is Socialism

Socialism is very different than ‘Central Control’ of economy – if you thought it to be that. Its basic principle is more profound and simple.


What is a RepublicWhat is Republic

Surprise – a Republic IS a democracy! If you are one of those who confuses it with something else, read this.



What is FascismWhat is Fascism

It’s heavy handed military and police repression indeed – but Fascism has an economic side which you didn’t know about, and that side is the real face of facism – and its reason for existing.


What is AristocracyWhat is Aristocracy

Aristocracy is not just kings and queens, and it hasn’t actually gone away. Find out what it is, and how it is still here.



What is AnarchismWhat is Anarchism

No, Anarchism is not chaos. You will see why some people try to sell it as chaos, when you learn what Anarchism really is – and for good reason. At least, for them.



What is CapitalismWhat is Corporatism

You would know what Corporatism is, if it actually existed. It doesn’t. Read what they call corporatism actually is, and why they are calling that corporatism.



What is LibertarianismWhat is Libertarianism

High chance that you don’t know what Libertarianism is, if you are from USA. Read why, here.



Analysis of SystemsConclusion

So, what is the best system? How must it be implemented? Why, and when? Find out here




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2 thoughts on “What is Democracy ? Communism ? Capitalism ? Do you really know ?”

    Outstanding Article! 5/5 We are not properly educated on the different systems as to maintain the status quo. Capitalism has used PR or Propaganda to dumb people down into thinking that they live in a Democracy, and a healthy Democracy requires Capitalism. Everything else is of course evil or impossible to setup. Its a complete and utter fabrication.

      Exactly. I refrained from elaborating how wealth conditions people and shapes public opinion and perceptions to the extent that they make them think ‘capitalism is freedom’, because it is another detailed subject.