Incredible US Hypocrisy – Favorable results for US means that ‘this time’ Venezuela Elections were ‘legitimate’

Hugo Chavez
In case you don’t know, pro-US right wing opposition won a super-majority in recent Venezuela Elections. They now have the power to topple the government and do practically whatever they want. Which means that this new right wing Parliament not only will be able to topple the US-unfriendly government, but also roll back any social and democratic changes the left wing governments have brought since the times of Chavez – from rights of indigenous peoples to social programs.

But the curious thing is, the US, who always labeled Venezuelan Democracy a sham and spoke constantly of fraud in Venezuela elections, is curiously silent this time.

Could it possibly be because ‘something’ happened in these elections that changed the ‘democracy level’ of Venezuela and ‘fraud problem’ in Venezuelan elections?

A brief overview of Venezuela election system and procedure reveals that there has been no change since the last elections they have done, and the system works exactly the same. In Venezuela, elections were still conducted in the manner ex US president Jimmy Carter so openly praised, but US media had denied:

They sent me back an edited version, this time with an added sentence after Carter’s statement on the Venezuelan electoral process, stating that the Carter Center had abandoned Venezuela in 2015 and was no longer observing their elections. The statement seemed to disqualify Carter’s 2012 applause of Venezuela’s elections, basically implying that while Carter may have said that then, now was a different story and the Carter Center wanted nothing to do with it. I told CNN there was no way I would include a statement discrediting Carter’s 2012 affirmation of the Venezuelan electoral process as the best in the world. If they wanted context, I could write that the Carter Center no longer operates in Venezuela because the system there is flawless and no longer needs external observation. I didn’t hear back from them for over 24 hours.

However, days after the elections, still there is no word from either US government, or any major US publication which denounces the elections or democracy of Venezuela. Despite there was no change in the Venezuelan Election process.


a) This pro-US parliament is antidemocratic and invalid because Venezuelan Elections are a sham

b) If this pro-US parliament is actually democratic and valid, ALL the previous Venezuelan parliaments and governments were also totally democratic and valid

Both of these cannot be true at the same time, since they contradict each other. Which brings the following conclusion:

US was denouncing Venezuela elections solely because they were producing US-unfriendly governments and parliaments.

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