How Wealth Corrupts Democracy – Deals with proxy Corporations & NGOs

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corporate contractsDealing with Proxy Corporations & NGOs is another widely used method for subverting democracy which is used in case the country has strong laws against all other forms of subversion.

In these cases, the industry interests or their proxies in other fields make business with a corporation that is owned by the politician or bureaucrat. It is not necessary for the corporation to be totally or directly owned by the bureaucrat or politician either – it can be a corporation that the person has a decent amount of shares in. Or it can be his spouse’s or relatives’.

In case there are strong laws against these too, ‘proxification’ is practiced – a subsidiary or a proxy-holding of the interest corporation which is sufficiently distanced from the corporation engages in business with another corporation which is sufficiently distanced from, but linked with the politician or bureaucrat. This is the common case in most European countries, due to strong laws against corruption in Europe.

Instead of doing business from corporation to corporation, private interests can utilize donations to or interactions with NGOs, institutions or charities linked by a politician. This can happen during the politician’s term, or after the politicians term, depending on the laws and the political climate in that country. This is also one of the methods common in USA.

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