Ebola Disaster in Spain

Ebola in Spain

Spanish Army is bringing in The missionary from Africa

Through an unbelievable timeline of events, now there is an Ebola crisis in Spain.

First, the conservative government decides to bring back a Spanish Missionary with Ebola, back from West Africa, against expert advice.

Then they bring back the Missionary through an Army aircraft to much fanfare, despite they themselves had defunded and closed the Epidemic treatment center in that hospital a while ago. All Spanish healthcare has been defunded due to austerity a long time ago, and the government had being pushing for privatization. (source) By the time missionary is brought back, procedures, equipment, preparedness against any pandemic is lacking immensely.

“…..Healthcare activists report that Madrid’s authorities decided to “dismantle” the infectious diseases center at the Carlos III hospital just months before the Ebola patients were brought there.

The “dismantling” has led to Ebola being “treated in a place that did not meet adequate security conditions,” according to a spokesman for the Public Health Service Defense Federation, Dr Marciano Sánchez Bayle.

“The whole section devoted to infectious illnesses has been closed,” he explained in an interview with Euronews. “The professionals who worked there have been moved to other positions. The laboratory was closed, and so was the intensive care unit. It’s just to say that, one way or another, its capacity to take care of illnesses with these characteristics has been most remarkably reduced.”….”

Then they bring in another missionary with Ebola.

Then they acquire very expensive Ebola medicine from USA and use it all on the missionaries, despite it is certain that the man is terminal and going to die soon.

The missionary dies. While treating the missionary, one nurse contracts Ebola due to lacking procedures and equipment. She doesn’t know she has Ebola and a few days later leaves for a vacation.

During her vacation she feels sick. Visits a hospital, they tell her that she has a fever, give her some light medicine and send her away due to workload they have. During this period, she becomes suspicious and refrains from any intimacy and contact with her husband, and prevents him from using the kitchenware and utilities she uses.

A few days later symptoms get worse. She again goes to a hospital, this time she INSISTS that they test her for Ebola.

While she is being tested for Ebola, the doctor who is treating her has to take off and wear his protective suit THIRTEEN TIMES, because not only he is not informed regarding any pandemic procedure and received training, but also there is no one to help him wear his suit, as there should be according to the procedure – due to austerity. He learns from Social Media, from his phone that this patient may have full Ebola symptoms.

First Isolation

Nurse Teresa “isolated” from other patients with panels

He changes the protective suit level he is using a few times until he is told by the lab that the patient has Ebola. One of the low level suits (Level 1) has gloves too short for him. Only less than half of his arms are covered, despite he should have been wearing a full Level 3 suit and have full coverage. All this while the patient is being isolated from other patients only with panels, instead of being in an isolated room.

The doctor immediately decides to transfer the patient to a nearby bigger hospital which has better means to deal with this situation. He has to BEG for the transfer, and wait for TWELVE HOURS for ambulance to arrive from 15 km away. Ambulances are overloaded due to austerity measures.

Ambulance takes the patient to the new hospital without any pandemic measures. After delivering the patient, the ambulance keeps on servicing and carries around SEVEN MORE PATIENTS.

Ebola treatment starts in the new hospital. Patient’s husband, goes to the hospital for tests just in case he may have contracted Ebola. One nurse who is on the same team with the first patient, also hospitalized due to suspicion. Because all the working Ebola medicine bought from USA was used on the missionary before, there isn’t any left to use on the Nurse.

the dog

Family’s dog alone at home

The family’s dog is left in their flat in the meantime. Government decides to kill the dog just in case he has Ebola, and goes into the house and kills the dog, despite over 350,000 signatures are collected against euthanizing the dog. Police beats up protesters and breaks skulls of some of the protesters during this stampede.

Nurses are protesting 2

Spanish Nurses protest dangerous conditions

Nurses starts protesting because they are made work without proper protections, refusing to clean the rooms in which earlier Ebola patient was hospitalized.

More doctors, health professionals start talking about the lacking procedures and funding on the media. Government blames the doctor who treated the nurse because “He is too tall” -> that is why the gloves which he wore, were short, government says.

health minister

Health Minister Ana Mato refuses to resign

More people start coming into hospitals because they suspect they may have contracted Ebola. The number of people with suspected symptoms hover around seven as of the time of this article’s writing. While health professionals and medical associations are explaining in detail how austerity measures and privatization has decimated Spanish Health Service and crippled it for any proper response to any pandemic, Government is busy blaming everyone else for ‘human errors’. Health Minister, who in the past demanded immediate resignation of previous government’s health minister due to a minor scandal, is doggedly refusing to resign her post.

As of this moment, the main hospital who is dealing with Ebola cases is asking volunteer doctors and nurses to help, because they are overwhelmed with people coming to test and hospital’s normal workload. The government makes calls for tranquility and blames everyone else for the mistakes while European Union is demanding explanations from Spain.

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