Who Are You People?

Who are you

Does that even matter?

What is told on this website must fulfill one or both of below criteria :

a) Must be well referenced to verifiable sources and solid facts and events
b) Must be well reasoned, explained, have consistency inside themselves and the logic proposed within must be verifiable from real facts and events

Better if they fulfill both.

So, the facts and logic in this website must speak for themselves and hold for themselves, without needing to appeal to any external and internal authority.

In short, Truth must be independent in and of itself.

Modern society’s sufferings are due to heeding people who have too much ‘authority’, but little of truth. When the ‘identity’ of a person defines the importance of his/her words, it eventually results in a landscape in which well-groomed people in suits selling lies to the people with a smile on their face.

We are not asking you to take what is being told here as unquestionable truth.

We want you to think.

We want you to realize that the topics which have been advertised as ‘complicated’ or ‘needing expertise’ are not complicated or chaotic as they are advertised, and instead very simple and blunt in their effects and what they do.

We want you to understand that the most complicated of political situations reveal themselves in their true form when questions like “Who benefits in the long run” are asked and answered.

The knowledge and truth on this website is offered to you for taking and using. And copy/pasting, republishing, distributing anywhere, anytime and on any medium.

When you see the “This content is licensed under Creative Commons” notice under an article, you can copy, distribute, publish and reprint that entire article anywhere on internet or on paper without any copyright restrictions, as long as you give attribution – that is a link/reference or mention of the original source – this website.

This is so because truth and knowledge must be shared. And it must benefit and enlighten everyone.

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