Why Radical?

Why Radical

Imagine you are on a sail boat, and it starts leaning to one side.

What do you do?

You give your weight to the other side in order to catch the balance. You do this, because you need to continue on course.

Then, imagine the boat leans to that side more and more – so much that the boat is almost capsizing?

What do you do?

You give all your weight to the other side so the boat will not capsize. After all, if the boat capsizes, everyone on it will go under.

Need to be Radical in a Radical Political Atmosphere

Similarly, political spectrum all around the world leaned, almost toppled to one side in the past two decades.


We are in an environment where private interests not only elect politicians but totally dictate policy, regardless of the votes or desires of the people.

So much that “Trade Treaties” like ACTA, TTP, TTIP are being cooked over and over and pushed to entire world by private interests. These treaties seek to override not only laws and regulations that protect the people and environment, but even National Supreme Courts. Imagine an unelected board of corporate executives holding more power than your Supreme Court. And actually even holding power OVER the supreme court. This is what they are trying to push with TTP (TTIP) in the latest incarnation of these power grabs.

Not even the politicians have any control anymore – corporate lawyers and executives prepare these treaties, and the politicians and diplomats are asked to push these to entire world. Despite this has become known and there is great public backlash against such schemes, they are just doing it anyway. And cooperating politicians are able to tell unbelievable things like “We have to pass this bill so that you can learn what’s in it”.

Governments and parliaments get elected with as low as ~15% of the votes, private interests and wealthy corporations can spend billions in total to make sure that their candidate gets elected. Politicians can promise many things, and after getting elected, go against all their previous promises without any remorse or repercussion.

In the end, the only ones who benefit are private interests and massive corporations and their majority shareholders. Governments impose ‘austerity’ on countries with the excuse of ‘fixing’ the economy that was totally broken by gambles played by massive banks and corporations, but it ‘somehow’ turns into a scheme of transferring money from the public to rich backers through tax breaks for megacorporations and bailouts. Pillage and sale of public services to rich backers to profit from, also accompanies the recipe.

Social security, healthcare, education, even infrastructure is defunded, crippled, destroyed and privatized.

Total rape of the society…

The situation is radical. The only way to gain any semblance of balance in such an environment, as you can see, is to lean to the other side radically to catch the balance. Just like a sail boat.

Why Radical? Because Today’s Radical is Yesterday’s Normal

Funniest thing about this is, what was ‘normal’ yesterday is defined as ‘radical’ today. Even funnier is that the ones who are labeling yesterday’s normal as ‘radical’ today, ARE the private interests which have gone SO far radical in their ideology and practices. But, since they hold the media and politics through wealth, they are able to continually declare anyone who is not aligned with them as ‘radical’ – as if that is something ‘bad’.

It is radical today, because the extreme private interests are the ‘normal’ – according to them.

So anyone who does not walk in lockstep is a ‘radical’.

Politicians are transferring all the wealth in their state to corporate backers and are putting people homeless in the cold to do that. Then they call activists who try to help people or change the policies to help people, ‘Radicals’.

To them, you are.

To them, you are a radical for they see themselves as the ‘normal’. To them, transferring entire wealth in their state to rich backers at the cost of poverty and suffering of the people, is TOTALLY normal. It is the way how things should be.

To them, anything else is radical, but themselves.

What they mean is, don’t upset their agenda, don’t disturb their schemes, don’t act or react to anything they do other than with compliance.

If you comply, then you are not ‘radical’.

Go Radical

This is why you need to go Radical. For, there is no other way to stop the psychopaths who are destroying entire societies for personal profit. And unless these radical psychopaths are not met with a radical response, they will just keep doing what they are doing – just like in the past two decades.

Elderly, children, young, students, disabled, college educated suffer together, while corporate profits and privilege at an all time high – as if reason for existence of these corporations and their sustenance is not the very society they live in.

But, they dont care.

So, you must. Go radical for people’s sake, and take pride in being a radical.